It is mainly used as polymerization inhibitors. For example, in the radical polymerization of acrylates and styrene monomers. It is also used as an intermediate in the preparation agrochemicals, liquid crystals. It acts as a stabilizer for the formulation of inks, toners and adhesives.

Areas Of Application:

  • Monomer(Polymerization inhibiter)
  • Ink(Polymerization inhibiter)
  • Polymerization inhibitor in the manufacturing of Acrylics Methacrylic, (2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate), Styrene Monomer.
  • Stabilizer for Cellulose Material, Liquid Detergents, Cosmetics
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Synonym  P-Methoxy Phenol, 4- Hydroxyanisole Molecular Formula  C7H8O2
CAS No 150-76-5 Molecular Weight  124.10 g/mol
Sr. No. Particulars Specification
1 Appearance White Flakes
2 Assay (Purity) 99.5% Min.
3 Hydroquinone % Wt 0.05% Max.
4 1,4 Di Methoxy Benzene %Wt 0.05% Max.
5 Moisture Content % Wt 0.10% Max.
6 Colour (APHA of 50% solution in Acetone) 40 Max
7 Iron Content 10 PPM Max.
8 Melting Point 54° - 56°C
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