Ethylene Dibromide (EDBr)

1,2-Dibromoethane also known as Ethylene Dibromide (EDBr) is an organobromine compound. It has been used as a pesticide in soil and on various crops. It is used as a fumigant for treatment of logs for termites and beetles, for control of moths in beehives. 1,2-Dibromoethane has wider applications in the preparation of other organic compounds including those carrying modified diazocine rings and vinyl bromide that is a precursor to some fire retardants.

SPECIFICATION : Ethylene Di Bromide (EDBr)

Synonym  Edbr, 1,2- Dibromoethane Molecular Formula  C2H4Br2
CAS No 106-93-4 Molecular Weight  187.86 g/mol
Sr. No. Particulars Specification
1 Physical Appearance Colourless Liquid
2 Purity 99% Min.
3 Density 2.17
4 Melting Point 9°C- 10°C
5 Boiling Point 131°C  - 132°C
6 Soluble Alchohol, Ether, Insoluble in Water
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