Copper Oxychloride

Dicopper chloride trihydroxide

Copper oxychloride is a green powder used as blue color agent, is a basic copper chlorid:

  • It is usually manufactured either by the action of hydrochloric acid on copper metal or by the air oxidation of cuprous chloride suspensions.
  • It can be prepared by the aeration of copper in acidic solution of sodium chloride.
  • Copper oxychloride can also be made by neutralizing a strong solution of copper chloride.
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Specification Copper Oxychloride Technical

Synonym  Dicopper chloride trihydroxide Molecular Formula  CuCl23Cu(OH)2
CAS No 1332-65-6 Molecular Weight  115 g/mol
1. Appearance Bluish Green free flowing powder
2. Purity Min. 97%
3. Identity test Pass to test
4. Total copper content 58.0 % m /m min.
5. Copper soluble in water 5800 ppm max.
6. Arsenic 58 ppm max.
7. Lead 290 ppm max.
8. Cadmium 58 ppm max.
9. Loss on drying 2.0 % m/m max.
10. pH 6-8
11. Packing LDPE lined HDPE bags of 25 kg.
As per customer’s  requirement in bulk bag up to 1 MT in big sack